New LuckyBord :)

The commodity of a lucky board was replaced! X)
It is possible to obtain it by both the branch and the headquarters.

本店、支店、両方のラッキーボードの中身を入れ替えました X)

:::Dimbula Rose::: ToxicHoney skin/LB and
:::Dimbula Rose::: EnrichedGreen skin/LB / 20min

:::DR::: Japanesque skin 03~06

Sales of these four skins are all contributed to the relief
and condolence money of the earthquake of Japan.
「Move for F of Japan」の今回の震災への寄付にあてさせていただきます。

Move for F of Japan blog : http://cango.slmame.com/

:::Dimbula Rose::: Japanesque skin03,04,05,06 / 300L$


:::DR::: Melissa skin

When the image is clicked, a large image is displayed. :)
画像をクリックすると、大きい画像が表示されます :)

:::DR::: Melissa skin / Basic skin + 1Make skin set/ 800L$
There is a skin of two colors.

::: Pale (Basic , Make01~04)

::: Tan (Basic , Make01~04)

The layer of the tattoo of the eyebrow (two kinds) is a set of this skin.

Hair / *BC322 RiCCA (Golden2 & Brown2)
     fri.day Jasmine.2 (Happy Blond)
Eye / <<< negaposi >>> Fantastic EYES (Grave)