Halloween Limited Edition (|▲|w|▲|)

Hello and Happy Halloween ! :)
The goods of the Halloween limitation were put on the market.
The room of Halloween was made to the second floor of the head office :)

Installation is till October 31.
It is a limited time offer.


:::Dimbula Rose::: Odd Alice skin_HW make 2011(skin only) / 286L$

:::Dimbula Rose::: Uva skin_(Vampire) HW 2011 (skin only) / 186L$

:::DR::: Knyam skin_(Vampire) HW 2011 (skin only) / 186L$

:::DR::: Immature - Halloween 2011 / 186L$
:::DR::: Stripe turn Dress (B&O)- Halloween 2011 / 86L$

Hats are also available for free ! :)

Thank you <33 Happy Halloween! X)


:::DR::: Odd Alice skin

When the image is clicked, a large image is displayed. :)

::: Alice series 01  / Alice skin

:::DR::: Odd Alice skin / Basic skin + 1Make skin set / 800L$
There is a skin of two colors. (pale and tan)

The layer of the tattoo of the cleavage shadow is a set of this skin.

::: Basic

::: Four Makeup

There is one skin in FatPack as a bonus.
Fat Packにはメイク違いのスキンが1枚おまけで


Hair / Analog Dog , lua (sepia) +  booN hairpieces (ANNA45 blonde)
    [kik] hair-Tilda(ginger)

Eyes / <<< negaposi >>> Lunar EYES - (Eclips and Water)/ Large ilis

Dress / [Wishbox] Malice in Wonderland
     [Wishbox] Classic - Alice Blue