New* ::: Discount skin :::

 When the image is clicked, a large image is displayed.  :)
画像をクリックすると、大きい画像が表示されます :)

There is no DEMO on this skin.
Because it is a skin that had been offered as a free nommdity such as
lucky boards in the past, it is cheap.
There is tattoo on the body of all the skin.


Americana Exotica skin / 120L

Orange spider skin / 120L

Pink clown skin / 100L

Colorful clown skin / 100L

Red clown skin / 100L

Star* cat skin(yellow) / 100L

Dark clown skin / 100L

Black demon skin / 100L

Darkfold skin 01 / 150L

Darkfold skin 02 / 150L
Darkfold skin 03 /150L

Main shop*  http://slurl.com/secondlife/petit%20pas/135/199/23