:::DR::: Georgie skin

When the image is clicked, a large image is displayed. :)
画像をクリックすると、大きい画像が表示されます :)

:::DR::: Georgie skin / Basic skin + 1Make skin set/ 800L$

There is a skin of two colors.

::: Pale (Basic , Make01~04)

::: tan (Basic , Make01~04)

The layer of the tattoo of the mark of beauty (two kinds) is a set on this skin.

Hair:  Dura / **Dura-Boy**10(Blonde x Soil,Platunum x Soil)
    =TEKUTEKU= / =EkoEko= Siva (Cream)
    Sadistic Hacker / *SH* Leon Hair(darkgreen)

shop* http://slurl.com/secondlife/petit%20pas/135/199/23